Be one of only 8 cooks in our kitchen

Our Riverside Garden

We found our little piece of paradise in 2009 - lush riverside land just outside of Ubud that was pure virgin jungle. We envisioned and created a purpose-built cooking school nestled among the towering coconut trees and mature tropical fruit trees such as durian, jackfruit, and rambutan.

Adi spends each day tending to his organic gardens where you pick your own ingredients. He'll introduce you to unique Balinese fruits, spices, and vegetables to be used minutes after you harvest them!

We reassembled an antique little wooden cottage where you can stay in Adi's magical garden. Because it was almost always sold out, Adi built another luxurious teak wood cabin with spectacular river views.

Pound, chop, grind in not only 1 kitchen but 2!

Pound, chop, grind in not only 1 kitchen but 2!

Learn techniques passed down from generation to generation!

Our Design

Beyond our beautiful location, we’re systematic in our approach.

Having organized some of the most exclusive weddings on the island, we apply our event expertise to our passion – authentic Balinese food and traditional living culture.

As the daughter of an architect, Frances custom-designed every last detail of the cooking school kitchen – reclaimed ironwood workbenches, Italian Patina cupboards, stainless steel counters, teak dining chairs, handmade ceramics, white washed cement walls, and brass lamps – down to each doorknob - everything is unique to our school.

Adi chose every tool in the kitchen: razor-sharp chef knives, dedicated cutting boards, and volcanic rock mortar and pestles. Our 'Masterchef' kitchen has been designed as live theatre stations where you're one of the main actors!

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Discover organic superfoods such as moringa leaves.

Discover organic superfoods such as moringa leaves.

Pound your own spices in our mortar and pestle.

Pound your own spices in our massive volcanic stone mortar and pestle!

Our Cooking Classes

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Delve into centuries-old techniques with a modern twist.

Our Immersive and Exclusive Experience

We host a maximum of 3 classes per week and only 8 participants per class because of our duties as Priest and Priestess at temple. And because our team of 5 prep cooks prepares in advance for an entire day for each class.

You'll get an "inside" view of real Balinese life – learning the secrets of Balinese ceremonies and the special role of food in temple offerings.

Adi will teach you his step-by-step recipes, not found anywhere else, that he’s honed over 3 decades. You'll learn recipes mastered in a traditional Balinese family compound where the head of the house is a passionate gardener and cook.

Our Unique Menus

Our class menus are a celebration of fresh and unique ingredients of the season and that day which you won't find anywhere else in Bali.

You’ll be immersed in a hands-on cooking class, learning 15 step-by-step recipes authentic Balinese recipes. If you have access to Asian supermarkets at home, we guarantee that you'll be able to recreate our spice pastes and ceremonial dishes.

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Adi and Frances.

About Us

We started as a love story 22 years ago.

Frances Tse Ardika, born Canadian and having lived in Hong Kong, London, San Francisco, Tokyo and Toronto as well as having traveled extensively throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas, finally found her paradise and home when she met her Balinese husband, I Made Adi Ardika on her third day in Bali! Yes, 3rd day...on October 8, 2000 to be exact!

Together, they seek the next big food adventure and discover the foods of their beloved island with friends from near and far. Come join them at their table and become not only friends but family.